Pain Free Braids

Protective Hair Style Hack for Pain-Free Braids!

You’ve got braids. You’re ecstatic, and now you are thinking about wearing your hair in braids all the time! Sounds good right? But that means you have to deal with the pain and head trauma of getting your new style installed every single time. Plus, if you are anything like most people, you probably also hate when your braids itch, especially when they get wet. How would you like a protective hair style hack for pain-free braids?

It’s no secret that you don’t have to look very far to find lots of tips on how to prepare for your new do, including right here on our own blog. There are just as many tips out there about making sure that you avoid dreaded build-up, by washing and moisturizing your scalp and hair while you’re styled. And yes, there are great ways to keep your style looking fresh and lasting longer.

Pain-free braids


You can sleep with a silk scarf or bonnet or a satin pillowcase. You can avoid wearing your hair up all the time.

 You can get touch-ups. And even with the best of care, your protective style will run its course.

So what’s a girl to do?  Maybe find a protective hairstyle hack that will make your style pain-free! So let’s talk about something new!

Your Protective Hair Style Hack For Pain-Free Braids

Introducing two innovative all-natural products. One designed to ease scalp pain and trauma when creating beautiful protective hairstyles like Braids and Locs. The other nourishes your scalp with all the finest, healthy nutrients.

First, let’s talk about the big elephant in the room. Getting a protective hair style can be downright painful not just when you’re in the chair but for a couple of days. It’s not uncommon for most to take painkillers before and after to get through the pain of a new install.  

We promised you an alternative protective hairstyle hack for pain-free braids. Here it is! ROOT RELIEF roll-on oil by 4Tress, your protective hair style hack.

Pain-free braids


Formulated using the moisturizing properties of the finest all-natural essential oils combined with the pain-relieving properties of hemp-based CBD, ROOT RELIEF can ease the pain associated with protective styles. Used during and after your hair appointment, ROOT RELIEF is taking the negative out of an otherwise positive hair experience.

You’ll love the roll-on applicator glides between parts to keep your hands clean and scalp soothed! And yes you will enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Don’t Scratch It Out When It Itches

If you’re a braiding aficionado, then you may have embraced the fact that there will be pain involved.

But once you’ve gotten past the first few days, nothing will get you down like itching and scratching.

Pain-free braids


And chances are the hair on the back of your head is the worst! As hard as it can be, try to avoid scratching the back of your head.

Scratching it out can result in an infection. Instead, it’s customary to apply some tea tree oil or aloe vera to calm your itch. The oils help you control your itch and prevent it from spreading. When you still need more relief you can add another layer of essential oils that soothe itching, such as lavender. You can dab those oils on yourself or get a friend to help and avoid some of the dripping mess.

We recommended that you get right down to the root of the problem with the DAILY Scalp Conditioner by 4Tress in our easy roll-on applicator.

Developed using ten of the most highly recommended essential oils including Jamaican Black Caster and Marula oils, our scalp moisturizing solution will become your go-to oil treatment product.

Pain-free braids

Wrap It Up with Scarves and Ties

I’ll leave you with one of those many tips we discussed earlier.

When your braids itch, you know the last thing you want to do is scratch them out. Instead, simply roll on our DAILY Scalp Conditioner and wrap your hair up in a scarf or a tie. This will protect your hair from scratching, and it’ll also keep your braids neat and tidy. Plus, it will also prevent your hair from getting tangled while itchy! You can also try using a hair bun as a scarf. Simply wrap your hair up in a bun and tie it up with a scarf or a bandanna.


So you see, getting your new do install can be pain-free with ROOT RELIEF roll-on by 4Tress. Next, protect your scalp by nourishing it with ten of the most highly recommended essential oils found in DAILY Scalp Conditioner by 4Tress.

Avoid the temptation to scratch and skip the drippy mess with the easy roll-on applicator.

Of course, you could always share these protective hair style hacks for pain-free braids with a friend and do each other’s scalps! After all, who doesn’t want pain-free braids that look amazing!! You’ll love your new style with this protective hair style hack for pain-free braids!


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